Hair Thinning Solution Takes South Africa by Storm, and for Good Reason!

Often times, we get so used to the same old, synthetic products that we fail to take a step back to see if there is a better, and more natural alternative available.

Luckily for us...

...current research from America has uncovered something surprising—a secret recipe that is revolutionizing the outdated, Hair Products industry. And, it’s about time!

Formulated with leading edge balanced pH formulation Ingredients—this powerful product has women struggling with thin slow growing hair across South Africa jumping for joy!

Hair THINNING is Natural but as women, we can't help being left feeling terribly FRUSTRATED.

Lets have a quick look into why our hair begins to thin with age...

The 2 main reasons why your hair may be thinning are:

  1. Stress; Mainly from Pregnancy or just living life as a WOMAN.
  2. Lack of nutrition; Your hair needs the right amount of nutrition at the right time.

Can Your hair be bought back to life?

The good news is unlike our male counterparts, we can reverse the effects of hair thinning by taking back control of our hair. But how? It’s time to let you in on our secret…

Ingredients for Longer, Stronger and Thicker Hair

Your hair just needs the right hair food! Yes it's literally that simple. Our Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to work together to nourish your hair back into health.

This means by using our product's you'll get Longer, stronger and Thicker hair.

That sounds amazing! Does it work?  

With over 1500 reviews on Amazon with a average rating of 4.2 out of 5 we know our mane 'n tail products work well.

Today, many products only work for a few weeks and then you build up a tolerance to it, so it's refreshing to find a product on the market that works better over time.  

We are so confident with our mane 'n tail Bundle that we actually offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

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