How to Take the Perfect Horse Selfies!

We’ve all been there. You’ve perfectly groomed him. You’ve made his mane more gorgeous than you’ve ever seen.

The sun shines off it perfectly. You know this is the best he’s ever looked! You need to take some pictures to post on Facebook and all you get is him looking like he does in the picture above.

You think that, after all that work it took to get him beautiful, he’d at least strike a great pose for a picture. But, nope, just like many horses, they aren’t the best when it comes to selfies.

Here are some ways to get the perfect selfie with YOUR horse.

1. Use Proper Grooming!

Be sure you’ve stocked up on Mane ‘n Tail products so you won’t have any worry before you start grooming. If you use anything less than the best, you’re liable to have their manes not be at their best, resulting in something similar to this:


2. Be Sure They Aren’t Hungry

If you haven’t recently fed your horse, the odds of you getting a good photo are pretty slim. They may be upset. They may not be in the most photogenic mood, or they may just try to eat the camera.


3. Try Not to Tell Any Jokes

Horses are well-known jokesters and are very much into barn humor. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just used Mane ‘n Tail Shine On or not, they are going to be rolling around having way too much fun, resulting in something similar to this:


4. Don’t Get Too Close!

Sure, Mane ‘n Tail’s Spray-Away Horse Wash may have your best friend looking fabulous. But, if you’re too close, you’re just going to get a lens-full of horse face.


5. Tell Them That They Look Spectacular

Let’s face it. Every horse has a bit of “diva” in them, so the best way for you to get a perfect horse selfie is to play to their vanity. Tell them how great they look today and how you just need that perfect picture to put on Instagram. Odds are, you’ll get the perfect horse selfie like this one!


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