6 Problems Only Red Heads Understand


Would you believe us if we told you that less than 2 percent of the population is considered a “red head”? That seems really low, especially since we’re kind of jealous of their beautiful flowing locks and ridiculously cute freckles.

However, as our ginger friends have told us, there are still some problems only red haired girls will understand.

They Are Mutants!



Okay, they aren’t mutants like the X-men, but the reason for their red hair is a recessive mutant gene. They are almost like Wolverine!

Coloring Their Hair is Harder



Most red heads stay red heads because they know that coloring their hair is much more difficult for them than their blonde and brunette friends.

They Don’t Wear Red Much



Have you ever seen your red headed friend wear a red dress? Well, let’s be honest, some girls can pull off any color, but red haired girls definitely have a much more difficult time wearing red since it can clash with their hair or overstate their paler skin color.

People Touch Their Hair All The Time



Ever get the temptation to touch a pregnant woman’s belly? No? Good. However, the temptation is still there for many. The same can be said when people come across a beautiful head of red hair. Don’t touch it!

Wait, The Don’t Like Being Called Gingers?



Nope. Stop it. We actually called them gingers in the beginning of this post. We’ll have to go back and delete it!

They Can’t Tan



Ever. Not even in a tanning bed. Just move on.

We love our red-headed friends and even though they may have a unique set of hurdles to get over, we still secretly want to be mutants like them!


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