4 Money-saving Tips for Your Next Salon Visit

With the holidays fast approaching, almost everybody is out looking for a bargain or a good deal. This week, I'll show you ten great ways you can save money at your next hair salon visit.

Money-saving Tip No. 1: Instead of making separate appointments for a cut, color, or highlights, try booking all your services for the same day. Many salons will offer discounts on a haircut, for instance, if you get it done the same visit as your color. At the salon where I work, you get your haircut for half-price if you get it done with a chemical service, like a perm or a color. Some salons throw in the haircut for free if you book an expensive service, like a spiral perm or a double-process color. Other services that might be discounted when booked along with more expensive services are waxing, manicures, and conditioning treatments. Make sure you ask your stylist, and you'll find most salons offer these kind of deals.

Money-saving Tip No. 2: Pre-Booking. If you know your hair will need to be trimmed every six weeks, it might be a wise idea to pre-book all your appointments in advance. Alot of stylists will reward your loyalty by taking a few dollars off your total bill. Pre-booking for several months ahead makes everyone's life easier. As a client, you won't have to worry about if your stylist has time to squeeze you in. The hairstylist won't have to worry about re-arranging his or her schedule either.

Money-saving Tip No. 3: Referrals. Stylists are always on the look out for new clients, and almost all of them will show their appreciation if you refer a friend or two to them. I personally give each client a ten percent discount on their next service if they refer a friend, and I'll also take ten percent off the friend's first visit as well. This tip works especially well on younger stylists who are eager to build up a clientele.

Money-saving Tip No. 4: Volunteer to be a model. No, I'm not saying quit your day job and move to Milan, but hair salons are constantly providing their stylists with advanced-training classes and that require live models for demonstration purposes. Nine times out of ten, you'll end up getting a free trendy cut and color just for volunteering a few hours of your time. These classes are usually taught by highly-skilled trainers, so you won't have to worry about looking bad, but you will have to let them do the kind of cut or color they wish to demonstrate. The salon manager will be able to tell you about any upcoming classes that would require models.

Hope these tips save you some money during your next Salon visit! If it does, let us know in the comments section below.

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