Grow Hair Fast - Just give me 8 Minutes

Are you trying to learn how you can grow your hair fast?

Give me 8 minutes of your time and you'll see how easy it can actually be.

Here is How to Grow Hair Fast

TIP 01. Do NOT Use Heat on Your Hair

Try doing a 30 day NO HEAT Challenge. Heat damages your and and stops it from growing.

This may be hard for some people as they think they have to use heat to get a cute hairstyle, butt this challenge forces you to learn new and cool hair styles. 

Another tip is to never blow dry your hair. Try only natural drying. Even if your hair is curly, embrace it!

If you do have to use heat, make sure you use a HIGH quality heat protector.

NOTE: If you do have to use heat, make sure you use a HIGH quality heat protector. we recommend using Herbal Gro Spray Therapy.

This product is designed to protect your hair against heat and chemical styling and helps prevent nasty split ends. Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro Spray Therapy is alcohol free and can be used daily.

TIP 02: Only Cut Your Hair When the Ends are Split

You should only cut your hair when you need to. Don't cut your hair frequently as other YouTubers would recommend. Only cut your hair when you have split ends.

TIP 03: Grow your hair Faster by staying away from Dying and Bleaching

When you bleach your hair you are literally damaging your hair. For this reason try staying away from bleaching your hair completely.

If you have to dye your hair, try not do it often. It will make it harder for you to grow your hair.

NOTE: To keep colour in your hair so that you don't have to wash often, try using this colour protect bundle.

TIP 04: Massage Your Scalp With Shampoo for 30seconds

When you massage shampoo in your head upside down, all the blood flows to your hair roots which stimulates hair growth.

TIP 05: Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day

For people who's hair gets greasier faster, try:

  • Shampoo that cleans deeper.
  • Baking soda or baby powder in your roots.

TIP 06: Don't Brush Hair When it is Wet

Hair is extremely fragile when it's wet. What you can do it brush your hair before you get in the shower.

Once you are in the shower, apply a high quality conditioner and run it through your hair with your fingers. Do not place the conditioner on your scalp or it will make your head greasy.

TIP 07: Hydrating helps your hair grow faster

Studies show that the more water you drink, the faster your hair grows.

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