30 Day Mane 'n Tail No Heat Challenge - Intro, Tips & Tricks

Did you know that styling your hair with heat causes hair damage and stunts your hair growth?

By taking this no heat challenge, you’ll find that your hair is able to grow fuller, longer and more beautiful than ever before.

The no heat challenge is far simpler than you could ever imagine. All you need to do is give up your hair-styling heat tools for 30 days straight.

The 30 day no heat challenge means...

  • No Blow-dryers
  • No Heat wands
  • No Hair straighteners
  • Or NO anything that produces heat on your hair.

Some women may feel that this is completely impossible, but the no heat challenge delivers an abundance of benefits.

Benefits of The 30 Day No Heat Challenege

Heating tools damage your hair and causing split ends and hair breakage. This is the whole reason for the 30 day challenge.

If you don't have split ends, you won't need to cut your hair. If you reduce hair breakage, your hair will be able to grow much longer.

This means your hair will grow longer, faster! Some women claim that the challenge added an extra 5cm of hair growth.

Tips on How to Complete This Challenge


Tip 01. Use Hair Products that Reduces Hair Frizz

Once of the biggest reasons why we use heating tools is to straighten out that nasty hair frizz. You can drastically reduce your hair frizz by using frizzy free hair products.

Learn How to Tame Dry Frizzy Hair

You can learn step-by-step how to finally tame dry frizzy hair for good.
Click here to access our How to Tame Dry Frizzy Hair Guide

Tip 02. Use a Soft Boar Bristle Hair Brush

These brushed are a lot softer when going through the hair which causes a lot less breakage when brushing.

Tip 03. Wash Your Hair Less Often

This is quite important. For your hair to be healthy, it needs the healthy oils produced by your scalp to maintain it's health.

Washing your hair too often can also cause more breakage which will make your hair shorter with less volume.

Try wash your hair hair every 3 days if possible.

*For more tips on how to shampoo your hair when you do wash it, please go to 7min into the video above.

Tip 04. Take Vitamins and Drink Water

Please do not fall for over priced vitamins claiming to be for Hair and Nails. These are exactly the same as normal vitamins you can buy from any shop.

Tip 05. Change up your Hair Style

Also, you should realize that there are plenty of other ways to create texture naturally. You don’t always need to use your heating tools. Instead, you should think about sleeping in braided knots or braided pigtails.

When you wake up in the morning, your hair will be curlier and more voluminous without the heat.

Tip 06. Hide Your Heating Tools

Finally, you should think about hiding your heating tools! If you do not, there is a good chance that you’re going to try to use them again.

Get a friend to hide them for you. This will ensure that you cannot cheat on the challenge.

All the Best!

There is no doubt that the no hair challenge can be very difficult. Most women are addicted to their heating tools. Nevertheless, the benefits are enormous.

Others have done it and you can as well.

Just remember that your efforts will pay off dividends in the future! Good luck and give it a try!

Learn How to Tame Dry Frizzy Hair

You can learn step-by-step how to finally tame dry frizzy hair for good.
Click here to access our How to Tame Dry Frizzy Hair Guide

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